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July 12, 2012

Competition Events

Borzoi runningSighthounds were born to run! With long legs, arched loins, and keen eyesight, these dogs are perfectly engineered to handle high speeds and take down prey. In an effort to gauge the functionality of these dogs, the AKC instituted lure coursing events in the early 1990s. Coursing events test a dog’s willingness to chase and perseverance.

In the entry level of coursing, a dog must demonstrate his ability alone. Ridgeback coursingAfter being inspected for soundness, the dog is required to run the course following a plastic lure around at least 4 turns.  To gain the Junior Courser (JC) title, 2 qualifying runs must be completed under 2 different judges. Dogs are judged on Overall Ability, Follow, Speed, Agility and Endurance, and are awarded 0-10 points for each category.  After completing the JC title, hounds can go on to earn the SC (senior courser) and MC (master courser) titles. At these higher levels of competition, dogs are run in braces or trios. Hounds are required to chase only the lure, and not other hounds, nor are they allowed to interfere with other dogs.  Dogs that do otherwise may be disqualified by the judge.

Bulldog running

So what if she’s not technically a sighthound?

Don’t have a sighthound? Don’t despair! The AKC offers a Coursing Ability Test available to all breeds. Even your Bulldog can pretend to be a sighthound for a day. In this test, dogs pass if they run the course with “enthusiasm and without interruption.” Dogs must complete this test in a certain amount of time, to ensure that the dog isn’t lazily following the lure. Pass this test three times and you get a “CA” title. After 10 passing tests, a “CAA” is available to your dog. Other titles continue from here, based on the number of qualifying scores.

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