Raising Puppies: 3 Simple Rules to Minimize the Risk of Hip Dysplasia

July 15, 2012

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Prevention of hip problems in dogs starts as pupppies- X ray imageIs there anything we can do to prevent the onset of hip dysplasia? Apparently, yes! Breeders can help minimize the incidence of hip issues by providing the correct environment while the puppy is 0-3 months old.  Researchers in Norway have concluded that a number of things occurred in puppyhood aggravate the onset of hip problems later in life.  Based on this study, they recommend that:

  1. Puppies from birth until around 12 weeks should NOT be allowed on stairs.
  2. Provide off-lead exercise outdoors on soft ground.
  3. Have litters in the spring and summer, rather than the winter months.


Study results published in the American Journal of Veterinary Research, June 2012.
Companion Animal Clinical Sciences, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
Researchers Randi I. Krontveit, DVM; Ane Nødtvedt, DVM, PhD; Bente K. Sævik, DVM, PhD
Erik Ropstad, DVM, PhD; Cathrine Trangerud, DVM, PhD
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