Simple Ways to Reduce Your Dog’s Intake of Noxious Chemicals

July 24, 2012

Health and Science

  1. Make sure lawn additives are pet- friendly: According to a 2004 Purdue University Study, dogs exposed to the chemical “2, 4-D” were 4 to 7 times more likely to develop bladder cancers! Georgia’s Legacy, an organization devoted to spreading information about canine cancers  says that lawn chemicals were also found to dramatically increase the risk of certain types of lymphoma.
  2. Wash your dog’s feet! Even if you do not use potentially dangerous chemicals, your local park might, and who knows what your neighbors may spread around! Beyond just the contact with the dog’s foot, most of our pets lick and clean their paws, allowing the chemical access to your dog’s most vital organs. Simply soaking and cleaning your dog’s feet can make a big difference.
  3. Filter your dog’s water, too: We’ve all heard horror stories of the toxins in our water supply. Go ahead and mitigate the fear of cancer by simply filtering your dog’s water, or investing in a system designed for Fido.
  4. Feed Your Dog from a Stainless Steel Dish: Numerous studies have found links between cancer and plastics. Avoid this risk altogether by giving food and water in stainless steel buckets. Plus- they’ll last forever, even through teething puppies!

    Irish Wolfhounds are more prone to bone cancer than other breeds

    Wolfhounds are more prone to bone cancers than small breeds are.

  5. If your dog is a breed prone to Bone Cancer, DON’T Neuter it!  Though spaying/neutering your dog decreases the risk of some cancers (especially mammary cancers), neutering your dog may DOUBLE its risk of deadly osteosarcoma. If your dog is of a breed especially prone to bone cancer, such as Irish Wolfhounds, Greyhounds, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Great Pyrenees, St. Bernards, Leonbergers, Newfoundlands, Doberman Pinschers and Great Danes, you may want to discuss the potential pros and cons of sterilization with your veterinarian.







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