Using DAT to Help a New Mom Bond with Pups?

There’s a chemical available that is made to simulate the pheromone produced by lactating bitches. Numerous studies from reputable veterinary journals have shown its usefulness in many applications.

Dog Appeasing Pheromones can help puppies become better socialized, according to one such study. The DAP puppies showed fewer signs of fear and anxiety throughout the class period. Additionally, surveys conducted at a later date showed that the pups who had DAP were “better socialized and adapted faster in new situations and environments.” According to Dr. Marie, DAP has also been shown to be effective at treating separation anxiety in dogs.

Scared mom dog with new litter of puppies

What are these things?!?
We had to keep our girl laying down
by using our legs as weights.

Now, most people have had the experience of going through a C-section with one of their girls. Some of us have also had our girls be flabbergasted at the sudden appearance of wiggly, blind rodents afterward. In the past, I’d been told that the options were patience and/or a surrogate (if you are that lucky). DAP is said to help in getting a mother dog to accept her pups, but I don’t know anyone that has tried it.

Have you tried using DAP on dams that reject their pups? Do you think it helped?

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