5 People That Make Dog Shows Suck

January 30, 2013

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I love dog shows, for many reasons. I love spending time with my mom and my dogs, meeting other dog crazy people, and I truly do enjoy showing. That being said, dog shows can totally suck. For me at least, it’s never the show site or even the judges that screw up the joy of a show. It is ALWAYS other exhibitors. Here’s my countdown of the top 5 people that make dog shows suck:

5. People that don’t pick up their dog’s shit.

Seriously?! I expect this around town, but at a dog show? What do you think is going to happen? If your dog poops and you don’t clean it up, you are a bad person. PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG, asswipe.

4. That one lady (not in your breed) that assumes you care about their dog’s pedigree.

Very few people care about Flopsy’s half-brother’s latest litter, and if I do care, I’ll ask. To those of you guilty of this: SHUT UP and enjoy all the cute dogs around you.

3. That person that cannot say anything nice about other people’s dogs.

There is something nice to be said about even the ugliest dogs, I promise you. And when another dog has a particularly nice trait, point it out! You’re not fooling anyone by dismissing other animals’ virtues. LOOK FOR THE BEST in everyone and every dog.

2. That breeder with 20-some yapping little shits.

Normally, I would name a breed here (*cough*Beagles), but I realized that they can be trained! What a novel concept! If you are going to choose to have an annoying breed, TRAIN THEM not to be the bane of our dog-show existence.

And the #1 worst people at dog shows? People that are rude to new/young exhibitors.

I don’t care that the person they got a dog from is a bitch. I don’t care that their dog crosses over in the rear. I do care that you have a stick so high up your ass that you cannot deign to be civil to a newbie. GET OVER YOURSELF, you old crotchety wind bag.


Any others that deserve to be on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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Hello! My name is Dani, and I've been in the "dog world" since I was 8 years old. My mother raises and breeds Irish Wolfhounds, which was my introduction to the show ring. I showed in Junior Showmanship for many years before aging out and getting my first German Wirehaired Pointer. I live in Tucson, AZ with my German Wirehaired Pointer, Luke. Luke is my man, from my first home-bred litter of wires.

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21 Responses to “5 People That Make Dog Shows Suck”

  1. Jessica Says:

    My name is Jessica, I Just got a Doberman pup that I plan on casually showing in UKC conformation. And I just want to ditto that last one- I’ve already had people not reply to my questions and act rudely to me because I am new. I’ve never shown before and my breeder isn’t near me to help. I’m out here on my own and these ladies aren’t acting very lady like. That’s ok though because i leave my shit on the ring- and when my gal wins they can suck it up!


    • BredByBitch Says:

      I’m sorry you’ve experienced that, and I hope you find a supportive group of friends at the shows. You might try calling local kennel clubs and asking about show dog classes or club meetings where people might be a bit more friendly. (Shows put people on edge, I think)

  2. Michelle Sager Says:

    Another thing that really sucks are people who call the breed you have dedicated much of your life to an ‘annoying breed’ and ‘happy little shits”.

    Yes, lets add you to the list!!!!


    • Michelle Sager Says:

      Let me change that to ‘yappy’, thanks auto correct……….

    • BredByBitch Says:

      Touche, ma’am. I understand why you’re offended, but I assure you this jibe was definitely chosen for comedy’s sake- big dogs can be just as noisy, and some are downright nasty!

  3. Susan Trueper Says:

    Good for you! My late husband was a professional dog show handler/breeder/groomer for over 41 years. Another pet peeve we had was having to pick up poop at hotels where other dog show people stayed and who refused to clean up after their dogs. (cough: Kerry Blue Terriers).


  4. helen Says:

    the breeders who take the attitude it’s just a pet, hell all of them are just pets. some are just loved more than others


  5. Beth Says:

    I’d like to add a #1a to the list…. the “professional” handler who feels s/he has to resort to sabotage to win, especially in a puppy class. If their puppy is, in that particular judge’s opinion, the best one in the class on that day then IT WILL WIN. If not, act like the professional you claim to be’ actions speak louder than words!


  6. Rosann Says:

    AGREED! I am an owner handler / BBE and have seen this too!


  7. Donna Says:

    Love your list of what makes dog shows suck. I love them too and I say Hi to everyone, some respond some don’t. But maybe, just maybe if everyone took the time to say Hi, good luck, etc., the sportmanship would improve….am I asking too much.


  8. Bonnie Says:

    How did I not know about your blog? I love it!


  9. Carole Says:

    Handlers or owners that treat their animals like punching bags when they lose.


  10. David Hendrix Says:

    Another thing that sucks is that the AKC does nothing to professional handlers who enter the AOH competition when they are advertising professional handlers. I submitted 15+ pages of evidence on one handler and the AKC did nothing to her. I asked about the results of the investigation and was told that the results would be on the Secretary’s Page.. yeah right!!! I have seen nothing since February 2014. ACK had been neutered by PETA and are afraid to do any thing that might make them look bad…


  11. Sadie Kay Says:

    I have to completely agree with the last one! I am a new junior handler with a Manchester terrier. I previously showed with a mix in obedience and before I got my Manchester people wouldn’t give me the time of day. ( they wouldn’t even tell my my arm band was in the wrong arm.) I hope with my new dog things will be different. Do you have any tips for a new junior in conformation? Or any of the unspoken rules of the “dog world”?


    • BredByBitch Says:

      Just try to keep your attitude positive. It will get easier, and you’ll soon have some “dog show moms” fussing about you and pushing you to do better every time. (Or at least that’s how it worked out for me)

  12. Stuhutch Says:

    I’ve been showing since I was 11 years old. I just don’t care anymore about what anyone else says to me. And my partner now has a fantastic attitude. And says I don’t give a shit. I really works. Just walk away from nasty people.


  13. Barbara Jean Says:

    That one person that shows up 5 minutes before ring time and expects everyone ring side to help comb, get numbers, put a show lead on their dog, and handle their dog! She is also the one that talks the entire time during the class. (even though you care less what she is saying)


  14. Neil Stevens Says:

    Hi i’m going to share this on my dog page if that’s ok.
    Funny and well written.


  15. Francie Colby Says:

    Hi, I showed over 10 years ago, the Keeshond. That was when the Bitches had crappy fronts and the dogs had crappy rears. I have an eye for structure, and had classes,so I know what is correct. So as time went by,while I was showing,the breed only got worse, small brownish, not the silver black and white as breed standard. Today the dogs I have watched in the West Master dog show, U TUBE, breed ring, improved in color, size. But dam, the fronts and backs of both Bitch and Dog still need improvement!! I did not see this years W M, so I do hope more improvement has taken place.
    While I was showing I was a newbie and just a very small caug in the breed.I did some amazing winning. I also talked about the breeds downfall. I was not liked, stating truth. Oh well, I did have fun till it was not any longer and got out. I now have a sweet charming Havanese boy, Fuji. And am happy to go to dog shows and watch and play and see them on TV.


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