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Feeding Your Show Dog

August 19, 2014


dog food supplements natural raw

All dogs, like people, are different. Some will be very picky eaters, and keep themselves skinny as a rail. Others love to eat, and cannot be trusted around any food-like substances. With that in mind, we (Absolut Dogs) feed a highly “personalized” diet. We start all dogs’ meals with a well-balanced kibble, tailored to that […]

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10 Last-Hour Whelping Tips

August 17, 2013


My German Wirehaired Pointer, Bobbi, is only a few hours away from whelping! Her temp dropped last night, so now I’m just waiting for hard labor to begin. (If you take your girl’s temperature regularly, you’ll notice when her temp drops. It’s a sign that hard labor is coming in 12-24 hours) Well… now what? […]

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Newborn Resuscitation Guide

September 6, 2012


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Autism Service Dogs Can Save Lives

July 24, 2012


service dog puppy

Most everyone has heard of guide dogs for the blind, and there are hundreds of organizations around the world dedicated to providing these specially trained animals. Service dogs for children with autism, on the other hand, are just now catching on. Autism is a serious developmental disorder that results in impaired social and communication skills. […]

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The 4 Most Common Training Mistakes

July 19, 2012


According to dog trainer Joyce Gifford, every dog owner has bad habits. Here is her list of the top 4 offenders: 1. Calling a dog to you only to punish them, or do something they do not like. Never make your dog come to you to do its nails, put it in its crate, or […]

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Using DAT to Help a New Mom Bond with Pups?

July 16, 2012


Scared mom dog with new litter of puppies

There’s a chemical available that is made to simulate the pheromone produced by lactating bitches. Numerous studies from reputable veterinary journals have shown its usefulness in many applications. Dog Appeasing Pheromones can help puppies become better socialized, according to one such study. The DAP puppies showed fewer signs of fear and anxiety throughout the class […]

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Raising Puppies: 3 Simple Rules to Minimize the Risk of Hip Dysplasia

July 15, 2012


Prevention of hip problems in dogs starts as pupppies- X ray image

Is there anything we can do to prevent the onset of hip dysplasia? Apparently, yes! Breeders can help minimize the incidence of hip issues by providing the correct environment while the puppy is 0-3 months old.  Researchers in Norway have concluded that a number of things occurred in puppyhood aggravate the onset of hip problems […]

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Baby Puppy Leash Breaking

July 12, 2012


Following the puppy

Long before puppies are sent to their forever homes, you can give them a great start by laying the foundations of leash breaking. As babies, make sure puppies have collars on to identify them. This ensures that they are comfortable wearing a collar, and helps prepare them for “real life.” At a week or two […]

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