Deadly Chicken Treats

August 27, 2012

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Pet food recalls are scary business, especially when they are large enough to reach the national news. Salmonella is the usual contaminant found, even in premium brands of food such as Solid Gold. However, there is another threat that has not made it into the headlines: Chinese chicken treats. Though the FDA issued warnings about Chinese chicken treats all the way back in 2007, no measures have been taken to recall the treats. As of August 25, 2012, these chicken treats are still being marketed and sold- unlike many of the dog food recalls. Why? No one contaminant has been found, according to the FDA. Still, the startling increase in consumer complaints led to an FDA warning in November of 2011.

Dog treats from Chinese chicken could kill your puppy

This one’s not killer, and not Chinese. She’s a well-raised, free-range, Tucsonan chicken- safe to eat.

Two separate individuals in Chicago and Connecticut are taking Nestle Purina to court over its “Waggin Train” chicken treats from China. According to the suit, Nestle Purina knew that the chicken in these treats was harmful to dogs, and yet continues to market them as a wholesome and healthy treat. The lawsuit claims that last year, the company had over 500 complaints about these treats, and yet did nothing to minimize the risk to pets. The same problems concerning chicken jerky from China has been seen in Australia, causing a recall of the treats. The University of Sydney is investigating the incidents, but like the FDA, has found no contaminants yet. Meanwhile, the Chinese government is restricting access to its chicken processing facilities, and demanding that all testing be done by Chinese laboratories.

It is time to pay closer attention to where your dog’s food comes from- even their treats. I highly recommend U.S. companies that use human-grade ingredients, or make your own!

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