Why Breed Purebred Dogs?

July 5, 2012

Breeding Dogs

Wirehaired Pointer PointingFor tens of thousands of years now, we have chosen our favorite animals to protect and help out. This has led to the creation of extraordinary animals with diverse instincts and forms, and these creations are a human legacy. We could choose to abandon this endeavor, but many of us still see the value in continuing to breed these amazing dogs.

I can already hear many anti-breed arguments coming, so I want to address this issue. First: I love dogs. Mutts, purebreds, doesn’t matter. If they are nice animals, I will love them. I own dogs I love, and they all are very similar in form, instinct, and personality. I love my breed (and many others), and any mutts that share their traits. My dogs fit my personality and my lifestyle, just as any companion should. This is not to say that any purebred dog would suit me. In fact, there are MANY breeds of dog that I would never own, nor recommend to anyone.
German Shepherd Face The “problem” I see with promoting mutts/shelter dogs as the ONLY option for dog ownership is that potential owners have no idea what they’re going to get out of that puppy or dog.

Take a car metaphor:

Let’s say I have a family of four, and we love to hike and go on road-trips. I decide to look into getting a new car, so I shop around. I see that the T-brand minivan has had amazing reliability and customer satisfaction for the last ten model years. The car comes with a warranty, and maintenance services. I can choose to pre-order the vehicle, and choose available options. If I don’t like the car, they’ll buy it back from me.

I also see a salvage title vehicle of the same model. It is dramatically less expensive, and appears to be a good fit for my family. There are no maintenance records, and the salvager has replaced numerous T-brand parts with H-brand components. It seems to be in good shape, and drives well.  It could be an incredible buy, right?!

Well, yes, it could be a great choice. But what assurance do you have? How do you know that the H-brand parts won’t slowly wear down in the body of a T-brand car? Do you know if the car has had regular oil changes?


Mixed-breed dogs are like rebuilt cars, with pieces borrowed from many makes and models. If a puppy gets a hip from his mother and a hip socket from his father, the puppy will end up with hip problems. If the puppy had bad experiences with people early in its life, it may be suspicious and aggressive its whole life! When you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, the chances of these things happening are slim to none. Good breeders test their dogs for inheritable diseases known in the breed and usually will guarantee a dog’s hips to be sound until a certain age.

Also consider the fact that you often have no idea what breeds went into making your mutt. That adorable, safe-looking lab mix could have had a Doberman or Pitbull ancestor. That fluffy little lab mix could show no signs of aggression at all, until one day it sinks its teeth into your child’s arm. The risk of having a less-than-friendly parent is inherent in choosing a mixed-breed dog.

Puppy rolling playing with person Choosing a breed of dog allows prospective puppy owners to choose a dog that is appropriate for their lifestyle. Labs and retrievers hardly ever bite because they have been bred for generations to be soft-mouthed, and as such, they may be a much better choice for a family with kids. A Yorkie puppy is guaranteed not to outgrow your apartment, and a Border Collie puppy will have enough energy to be a great running partner. In choosing a mixed-breed puppy, you cannot ensure that the dog will fit into your life.
Beyond merely the physical aspects of a purebred vs. a mutt, the puppy from a responsible breeder will be properly socialized. Early socialization means that the puppy is MUCH more likely to be trusting, loyal, and interested in people. Well-raised pups respond to stress better, are less aggressive, and bond with humans faster than unsocialized animals.


In short, choosing a purebred is your “best bet” at getting the personality, health, and behavior that you want in a lifelong companion.
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